Facebook Messenger Tips and Tricks

Facebook Messenger is one of the most downloaded applications on smartphone platforms, with a whooping 1,000,000,000+ downloads on Android alone. Most of us use it on almost daily bases.
Apart from usual conversations and video calls etc, it offers a few more things which regular users often overlooks.

Let us take you through a few ‘Unique’ features so you can make the most out of your favorite messenger application.


Facebook Messenger now has its own Dark Mode, which you can activate by opening any conversation and sending the half-moon emoji.

I can be very effective considering it puts less strain on eyes, so you can keep those late conversations go on.

You'll then be prompted to access the Settings menu where a toggle allows you to turn on Dark Mode.


Facebook Messenger has a persistant habit of saying you're online even when you're not. It usually means people cant contact you but you might not be available to answer back, leading to some awkard conversations.

You can stop this by launching Messenger, tapping your profile icon at the top right, and selecting Active Status under Profile. If you don't want to appear online, use the slider toggle to ‘Show when you are active’ option.


Getting annoyed by constant chathead popups?

 This can be particularly irritating when you're watching a video or playing a game, but it is possible to turn off the chat heads.

Launch Messenger, tap on your profile icon, then scroll down to and tap the toggle next to Chat Heads. If Chat Heads is currently switched off and you want to turn it on, you may find that you need to enable a permission for apps to display over other media first in your phone's Settings menu.

-Messenger as a Payment Option:

Mainstream platforms are eliminating the need of multiple applications these days. Now, an application that was used for conversations primarily can be used to send payments even.

If you are familiar with PayPal, it pretty much works like that, however for first time use, you do need to setup a payment method (Visa Card etc).

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It is further made secure by using your pin code or fingerprint as authentication, however it does have a time limit to accept incoming payments, if that limit exceeds, funds will be funded back to your account.

-Snapchat Style Pictures:

Love those funky Snapchat filters? You can also use them in the messenger app.

To use the feature, open a conversation and tap the camera icon.

You'll see a number of filters, similar to Snapchat running across the bottom of the screen, but a difference here is you don't need to long-press your face first in order to activate them. You can also add doodles, text and emojis on your photos.

Center button can be long pressed to make videos as well.

-Built in Games:

Messenger offers a number of games which can be played with your friends online, a few of these are Football, Basketball and Chess.

Football and Basketball can be simply set up by sending your friend a football emoji and basketball emoji respectively and then tapping on the message.
Chess is a little different as you need to type @fbchess play in chat, which will prompt a chessboard.


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