How To Backup and Restore Android Data

Most smartphone owners these days have some applications that use data both locally and on cloud. Where data on cloud can be accessed virtually by any device with an internet connection, retrieval of locally saved data can be an issue in case you lose your device, need to upgrade device or even factory restore your phone.

If you face any of the above scenarios you might want to know a reliable way to backup and then restore your valuable data safely.

Here’s the simple procedure you need.

Backup your applications as well as App Data:

The easiest way to backup your data is already integrated in most modern versions of Android itself, so in most cases you won’t need any 3rd Party Applications.

As long as you have logged in your google account, which is almost a necessity for using google services, you can backup following in the Google Drive, associated with your Google ID.

Google Contacts data

Google Calendar events and settings

Wi-Fi networks and passwords


Gmail settings


Display settings (brightness and sleep)

Language and input settings

Date and time

Settings and data for apps not made by Google (varies by app)


To initiate this process, access Settings > System > Advanced > Backup.
Or in some phones, Additional Settings > Backup

Turn on “Backup to Google Drive”.


Depending on the options enabled and amount of Data, initial process of Backup might take some time. Do login into specific applications like Google Photos, Videos and Music if you wish to backup those.


Restoring Backups:

This process is usually started automatically  when you login into a new Android Device. You will be prompted to select which backup to restore.


If due to some reason you find things are missing from your apps then you can try going to Settings > System > Advanced > Backup, then tapping on App data in the Active backups section.

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